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Getting started...

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Having made the symbolic camera and being inspired by ideas around climate change, the fashion industry and sustainable fashion, I was drawing a blank on specifics for the film. But inspiration came in the form of an instagram story posted by Higher Studio - a fashion rental business specifically tailored around sustainability.

via 11th February 2019

I responded excitedly to the story asking for more details - could anyone go? could I film? what is a swarm???

Through a keen interest in this area, I have accumulated knowledge of people and organisations working with sustainable business models who are actively promoting change within the fashion industry. The social media platform Instagram has allowed me to easily reach out and build relationships based on these shared interests. With a constant stream of information coming from these sources - about panel discussions, workshops, meetings, podcasts, new design and production practices, etc. - I have access to a network of ‘sustainability’. This is how I found Sara Arnold, owner of higher studio. After introducing myself via instagram following my excitement about the above story, she invited me to be part of the press team to film an Extinction Rebellion non-violent protest, which took place during London fashion week. The event provided me further opportunity to build a relationship with her, as well as getting approval and permissions for the project at hand.