• georgiajbuckland

First week nerves

I was feeling somewhat nervous and a little apprehensive at the start of the term. We started with 'the wide angle and visioning'. We explored the room using ourselves as cameras, our hands as the lens, enabling us to open our arms wide for a wider angle and pull focus in by shrinking the space we looked through. I will have to admit that at first this made me feel quite uncomfortable, walking round a room of near stranger, getting very close to them and using my body as a transformative tool. After the initial discomfort it began to make sense - we were the camera. Embodying the experience, understanding the camera as a literal extension of ourselves.

We explored so many different techniques and ideas over the first few weeks. These were hugely helpful in understanding what the camera can really be, and what it means. We explored ourselves, using the outside. Silently reflecting in nature to understand what the project means to us, individually.