• georgiajbuckland

Filming the Rebellion Swarm

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

I filmed over 3 hours of footage from the rebellion fashion swarm event itself. Using techniques learnt from the visual anthropology course and thinking about Rabiger's documentary making techniques really helped. I had a lot of varied footage - some shot still on the tripod, lots of moving shots where i was walking with the camera, and I even tried my hand at pulling focus! It was a lot harder to get right in amongst the action that I had thought it would be and in retrospect I think I was more cautious with getting involved than a lot of the journalists that were present filming, but it seemed intrusive for me to get too in people's faces. It didn't feel necessary at the time, but my footage may have been better if I had been a little more confident in my filming abilities.

I found myself as more of an observer, and it was interesting for me to watch the media as part of the event, catching them in my filming wasn't an issue, as they were a big part of what was happening on the day.

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