• georgiajbuckland

Fashion?? Not interested

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

I feel too many people have the view that they are not interested in fashion and therefore when the issue of current fashion industry norms are concerned it seems like it is irrelevant unless you are specifically interested in fashion. That is not the case. When it comes down to it, it is less about ‘fashion’ and is in fact just clothing. With a perhaps miniscule exception, everybody wears them. I liken clothing to food – it is a necessary part of life. Society insists that we must be clothed, therefore everybody owns clothing of some sort, the majority of which is chosen and bought by the wearer. Those that are less interested in the idea of fashion are equally susceptible to the bad practices of the fashion industry, as it is the whole garment industry, not just those working within the parameters of ‘fashionable garments’, that are contributing to the 8% of all carbon emissions globally. We all need to re-think the way we choose to clothe ourselves, the planet cannot take any more.